The BIGGEST community-driven snowboard drop in history.

bounty hunter topsheets

Introducing the Bounty Hunter. Our newest Full Camber Twin Snowboard. The Bounty Hunter will be available in both a 3D and Flat Base




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Be a part of the biggest launch in Gilson’s history and join the BOUNTY HUNT!

All 500 people who purchase during this initial launch will have access to the BOUNTY HUNT.

Complete fun tasks and challenges to help with the launch and earn a Gilson Black Card.

Bounty Hunter

Full Camber 147cm | 152 | 157 | 162 | 162 Wide | 167 Wide

bounty hunter topsheets

Built on two platforms:
FLAT Base & 3D Base Configurations

flat vs 3d base

Posted Bounties

Earn Your Black Card: Complete 10 Bounties by April 15th, 2025 to receive the GILSON Black Card, which gets you any snowboard or ski we make, for free, at anytime.

It's our way of saying thank you for being a part of this launch.

  • Boxing Day - Submit An Unboxing Video
  • Summit Seeker - Post A Video Of Yourself On The Summit Of Your Favorite Mountain With Your Bounty Hunter
  • Speed Date - Send In A 30 Second On-Lift Video
  • The Anchorman - Let Someone Else Try Your Board And Interview Them
  • The Critic - Submit A Google Review Of Your Bounty Hunter
  • Life Preserver - Send In A Video Doing A Pond Skim On Your Bounty Hunter
  • Bluebird - Submit a video landing your favorite trick on a bluebird day


Many More To Come...

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The Bounty Hunter is our new snowboard model. It is a Full Camber Twin, and is available in 4 graphic options.

The initial Bounty Hunter launch will be available in 152cm, 157cm, and 162cm Wide lengths.

Like all of our boards, the Bounty Hunter is made in our very own factory, located in Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna River Valley.

The Bounty Hunt is a way of involving the Community itself in the launch of this product, and contains a fun series of tasks and challenges that will be open to the first 500 people who own a Bounty Hunter Snowboard. The tasks and challenges are known as “bounties” and everyone that completes 10 bounties will receive a Gilson Black Card, redeemable for any additional snowboard we offer at any time.

“Bounties” are fun tasks and challenges that we have created for owners of the Bounty Hunter to do. After completing 10 Bounties, you will earn a Gilson Black Card.

A Gilson Black Card is a card that we give that can be redeemed at any time for ANY snowboard or ski that we make. Use it yourself, or give it to a friend or family member to use.

The Bounty Hunt will go on until April 1st of 2025. So you’ll have between now and then to complete your 10 Bounties to earn your Black Card.

Absolutely! We hope you have fun completing the tasks and challenges, and they’ll all be helpful in the continued Launch of this project. You might even earn so extra cool secret stuff for doing more than 10 🤫

For sure. If the tasks and challenges aren’t for you, and you just want to be one of the first to own this sick new board, we’re still stoked to build it for you!

Of course. We pride ourselves on always being here for our Community, and you can get us via phone, email or text any time. Call or text us at (570) 221-9445 or email us at info@gilsonsnow.com