At Gilson, we are dedicated to developing the highest quality snowboards and skis that accelerate progression and deliver a more fun experience on the mountain.  We do that by designing with fluid dynamics in mind.


The concept is simple - all objects that move through a fluid are designed with curves to enhance performance.  Boats, submarines, cars and planes are not flat for a reason, and nor are Gilson snowboards and skis.


The Soft Edge

Featured on all Gilson Snowboards and Skis

The Soft Edge makes Gilson snowboards and skis incredibly playful, creating a surfy feel and smooth edge-to-edge transitions. It is created by the outer edge of the base feature curving up to meet the steel edge.

The Pow Channel

Featured on All Mountain, Directional and Power Boards

The Pow Channel is a recessed region of the base that has a runner on either side. On groomers, only the runners contact the snow, giving you reduced drag and faster acceleration. In powder, your board sinks down to make full contact in the Pow Channel, giving you maximum float and a surfy ride.  It's like switching from race skis to powder skis automatically, and without having to change equipment.  You get the best of both worlds.


The Butter Pad

The Butter Pad is a slightly raised portion of the base that contacts the snow or jib when you stand flat. It makes for super easy butters and smooth sliding across rails and boxes.

Featured on Park Boards and Skis




All Mountain



The Gilson Park board is designed to dominate in the terrain park.  The Soft Edge allows for smooth sliding on jibs and it opens the door to a whole new world of butters.  The blunted tip and tail increases agility and the central flex feature pairs playful flex with massive pop.  The Duel is designed for the terrain park, but the board charges the whole mountain with style and comfort.

The Gilson All Mountain is the most versatile snowboard.  This board pairs the Soft Edge with the Pow Channel, delivering a board that is simply more fun to ride.  Cruise the groomers with effortless edge-to-edge transitions, drop into the trees and then float the pow.  Swing by the terrain park on your way down if you like.  This board can handle whatever you throw at it.

The Gilson directional is designed to go fast and lay over massive carves.  This board performs best at full speed, so don't be shy.  The Soft Edge delivers the iconic surfy and forgiving feel, but it's paired with a board that loves to charge. The large surface area and Pow Channel create tons of float in pow, and the large effective edge delivers tons of hold in the biggest of carves.

The Fly feels like a surfboard for the clouds, and it's agile shape and three dimensional base design deliver a feeling unlike anything else.  The board is designed with a wide nose that features the Pow-Funnel and generates tons of lift.  The board's submerging swallow tail ensures you keep your nose up and gives your back leg a break even on the deepest pow days.


All Mountain Skis

The Gilson All Mountain skis are designed to heighten performance while delivering a more fun and playful experience on the mountain.  The Soft Edge enables effortlessly smooth edge-to-edge transitions.  The skis swing through the fall line with reduced friction and no hangups, making turns seamless and smooth.  In between edges, Gilson skis can float and surf with zero steel-to-snow contact, delivering fun surfy turns as well as snappy aggressive carves.  In moguls, you can snap from edge to edge, or you can float and pump on the soft edge, drifting through the bumps with a new kind of agility.  When the skis are on edge, they deliver powerful and supportive carves.  The early rise nose creates tons of lift in powder and the cambered profile underfoot loads energy in big carves for high energy transitions.  If you haven’t tried the Soft Edge, it’s a feeling unlike anything else on snow.  Plain and simple, Soft Edge skis are more fun.


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