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You only get so many days on the mountain:

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"This design has pioneered a new future, one where you can expect both flex and pop out of the same snowboard."

"The board is built at the company’s Winfield “snowboard farm,” with a poplar core sustainably sourced from the region’s forests. It’s a surfy deck with a soft edge that carves huge and handles the hairiest steeps."

"The Gilson design reduces the chances of catching an edge, making for a more forgiving ride for novice snowboarders, while also delivering improved acceleration and maneuverability to experienced riders."



At Gilson, we are dedicated to developing the highest quality snowboards and skis that accelerate progression and deliver a more fun experience on the mountain.  We do that by designing with fluid dynamics in mind.


The concept is simple - all objects that move through a fluid are designed with curves to enhance performance.  Boats, submarines, cars and planes are not flat for a reason, and nor are Gilson snowboards and skis.


At Gilson, our team builds snowboards and skis that not only deliver better performance, but also happen to be a whole lot more fun to ride.


The Soft Edge

Featured on all Gilson Snowboards and Skis

The Soft Edge makes Gilson snowboards and skis incredibly playful, creating a surfy feel and smooth edge-to-edge transitions. It is created by the outer edge of the base feature curving up to meet the steel edge.

The Butter Pad

Featured on Park Boards and Skis

The Butter Pad is a slightly raised portion of the base that contacts the snow or jib when you stand flat. It makes for super easy butters and smooth sliding across rails and boxes.

The Pow Channel

Featured on All-Mountain, Directional and Power Boards

The Pow Channel is a recessed region of the base that has a runner on either side. On groomers, only the runners contact the snow, giving you reduced drag and faster acceleration. In powder, your board sinks down to make full contact in the Pow Channel, giving you maximum float and a surfy ride.  It's like switching from race skis to powder skis automatically, and without having to change equipment.  You get the best of both worlds.

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